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At CERULEAN INVESTORS, we specialize in syndicating real estate investments and providing tailored consulting services. Whether you’re an individual investor or a corporate entity, we guide you through the intricacies of real estate, helping you achieve your financial goals. Explore our services today.


Investment Management Services

Cerulean Investors offers personalized investment strategies for multi-tenant, commercial, and residential properties. We identify high-potential properties and consider location, market trends, and growth potential. Our end-to-end services include property selection, financial analysis, acquisition, asset management, and strategic disposition. We maximize returns and mitigate risks through due diligence and ongoing management. Cerulean Investors is a partner invested in our clients’ success, offering industry insight and personalized attention.

Real Estate Consulting Services


Financial Modeling

Cerulean Investors' financial modeling gives a comprehensive understanding of your investments. We analyze cash flow, create accurate valuations, and assess risks. Our customized reporting equips you with the right information to make informed investment decisions.


Construction Management:

CERULEAN INVESTORS manages construction projects with meticulous planning and quality control. We establish clear goals, budgets, and timelines, liaise with architects and engineers, manage procurement, and closely monitor progress on-site. Rigorous quality checks ensure that every project adheres to the highest standards from start to completion.


Asset Management

CERULEAN INVESTORS optimizes the value of your real estate assets through portfolio analysis, tenant management, proactive maintenance, regulatory compliance, sustainability practices, and strategic disposition.


With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

Track Record

With over two decades of success, CERULEAN INVESTORS excels in real estate investing, turning opportunities into profitable ventures through expert management and strategic insight.


Our dedicated team blends expertise and innovation, continually growing to meet the dynamic needs of the real estate investment landscape.


Laurence McKenny

Commercial Real Estate professional with 18 years of diverse experience as a CIO, Director of Development, Director of Property Management, and Director of Acquisitions. My understanding of the corporate world and market dynamics has instilled in me a wealth of knowledge and expertise to manage human resources and company infrastructure. I am also a founder of two startups – Streetsight, a cloud-based IP surveillance camera systems provider for commercial property owners, and Cerulean Investors, a company focused on acquiring value-added real estate in the greater DC area. My top qualities are leadership, innovation, collaboration, mentorship, and strategic thinking. I am also adept at driving growth, maximizing ROI, and delivering exceptional results for any organization.


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